SQL*Plus is a command-line interface tool provided by Oracle Corporation for interacting with the Oracle Database. It is a powerful and versatile tool widely used by database administrators, developers, and users for executing SQL statements, managing database objects, and performing various administrative tasks.

SQL*Plus allows users to connect to an Oracle Database instance and execute SQL queries and statements interactively. It provides a textual interface where users can enter commands and receive results and feedback directly on the screen. This makes it a flexible and convenient tool for ad-hoc queries and quick data retrieval.

One of the key features of SQLPlus is its ability to execute SQL scripts. Users can create text files containing SQL statements and then execute them using SQLPlus. This is particularly useful for automating repetitive tasks or executing complex queries involving multiple statements.

SQL*Plus provides a comprehensive set of commands and options to customize the output format of query results. Users can control the display of column headings, set column widths, format numbers and dates, and apply various formatting options. This allows for improved readability and presentation of query results.

In addition to executing SQL statements, SQL*Plus supports a wide range of administrative tasks. Users can create, modify, and drop database objects such as tables, indexes, and views. They can also manage user accounts, grant and revoke privileges, and control database security.

SQL*Plus also includes a robust scripting language that allows users to write procedural code using constructs such as loops, conditionals, and variables. This enables the creation of more sophisticated and complex scripts to automate database tasks and perform data manipulation.

Furthermore, SQLPlus provides features for exporting and importing data between databases and external files. Users can generate CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, or SQL scripts containing data extracted from the database. Similarly, data from external sources can be loaded into the database using SQLPlus.

SQLPlus Commands
SQLPlus Substitution Variables
SQLPlus vs SQL

The SQLPlus commands are:

Accept Append Archive Attribute
Break Btitle Change Clear
Column Compute Connect Connect As Sysdba
Copy Define Del Describe
Disconnect Edit Execute Exit
Get Help Host Input
List Password Pause Print
Prompt Recover Remark Repfooter
Repheader Run Save Set
Show Shutdown Spool Start
Startup Store Timing Ttitle
Undefine Variable Whenever Oserror Whenever Sqlerror

In summary, SQL*Plus is a versatile command-line interface tool that allows users to interact with Oracle databases. It provides a rich set of features for executing SQL statements, managing database objects, and performing administrative tasks. Its flexibility, scripting capabilities, and data manipulation options make it a valuable tool in the Oracle ecosystem.