MySQL Tutorial is an fast way to learn mysql language with examples for beginners developers.
On this course you can learn about MySQL language using this mysql tutorial based on simple and complex examples.
MySQL language is a widely used relational database management based on SQL language.

The main sections of MySQL language are:

Database – create and set database.
Data Types – list of the main data types like: int, numeric, date, char, varchar, text.
Clauses – sort and filter row from table.
Insert – add new records into table.
Update – modify existing records in a table.
Delete – remove existing records in a table.
Select – query records from table.
Flow Control Statements – how to use CASE, IF, LEAVE, LOOP, WHILE.
Functions and Operators – list of MySQL functions and operators.
Table – examples how to create table and alter the table structure.
View – create and drop view.
Temporary Table – syntax and example of temporary table.
Triggers – MySQL create trigger.
Procedure – create, call procedure.
Function – create or replace function.
Indexes – MySQL create index syntax.

Start learn mysql using the basic commands like:

How to Create table
How to Create procedure
How to Create or replace function
How to Create trigger
How to add primary key in existing table
How to add foreign key to existing table
How to add a column to an existing table
How to add an index to table