SQLPlus Set

SET Command syntax: SET v_system value

SET Commands:

FEED[BACK] {int_no| OFF | ON} – Displays the number of rows returned, when selecting a registration number greater than the variable.

HEA[DING] {OFF | ON} – Display column heads in the reports.

LINESIZE – Set the width, in characters of the page.

PAGESIZE – Set number of lines of a page.

DEFINE – Set the substitution character.

ESCAPE – by default escape character is “\”.

NUMFORMAT – sets the format for displaying numerical values.

PAUSE {text | ON | OFF} – stops at the beginning of each page of results.

TIME {ON | OFF} – Displays the current time before each command prompt.

VERIFY {ON | OFF} – List each line of the batch file.

UNDERLINE – Change the character used to underline column heads.