PostgreSQL Having

PostgreSQL Having

The PostgreSQL HAVING is used with a GROUP BY clause and returns records where aggregate values meet the specified conditions.

Having syntax

SELECT column_name1, column_name2, function(column_name1)
FROM table_name
GROUP BY column_name1, column_name2
HAVING function(column_name1) operator value

Having example

Goods table

id good_type name description price
1 A Car_1 Car 1 description 100
2 A Car_2 Car 2 description 200
3 A Car_3 Car 3 description 100
4 B Boat_4 Boat 4 description 500
5 B Boat_5 Boat 5 description 300
6 C Train_1 Train 123 description 800
SELECT good_type, count(good_type) g_count
FROM goods
GROUP BY good_type
HAVING count(good_type) > 1


good_type g_count
B 2
A 3