Oracle Select Query

Alias Column – the alias is used to temporarily rename a column.

All – compares a value with every value in a list or returned by a query.

AND – returns TRUE if both component conditions are TRUE.

Between – determines whether the value of one expression is in an interval defined by two other expressions.

Distinct – uses to return only unique values.

Exists – tests for existence of rows in a subquery.

Group By – groups a select result into subsets that have matching values for one or more columns.

Having – restricts the rows of a GROUP BY clause.

Like – specify a test involving pattern matching.

NOT – returns TRUE if the following condition is FALSE. Returns FALSE if it is TRUE.

NULL – IS NULL and IS NOT NULL are comparison conditions used to test for nulls.

OR – returns TRUE if either component condition is TRUE.

Rowid – returns the address of the row.

Rownum – returns a number indicating the position number of a row returned from a table or from a join query.

Select – uses to retrieve data from tables, views, or materialized views.

Where – the WHERE clause can be used in a SELECT statement, UPDATE statement, or DELETE statement.

With – is used to specify common table expressions.